100,000 New Engineering Apprenticeships by 2018

Published: 03 Dec 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new scheme that aims to generate 100,000 engineering apprentices by the year 2018. This initiative was put forward by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Engineering & Technology; it also benefits from patronage extended by the Gatsby Foundation.

The Prime Minister announced this new scheme in the wake of the Queen’s Engineering Prize ceremony that honoured world leaders in their chosen fields. It was also a centre-stage to celebrate the best of British engineering.

Mr Cameron later commented that British engineering has a glorious history, one that every Briton should be proud of. The excellence achieved in this field continues to impress people world over. The apprenticeships are a way to encourage ground-breaking inventions, so that a truly world-class and competitive technology industry can be developed.

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This multi-million pound incentive is a tool that will motivate young people in the country to sign up for engineering apprenticeships. The prime minister said that this initiative is part of a bigger plan; the UK economy needs a new lease of life and this program is vital to infuse that power into it. It is well understood by policymakers that with the right kind of support made available for aspirants and young engineering technicians within the country, the vision to create a best-in-class, skilled workforce with an edge to compete and prosper in the global market can be realised.

Stephen Tetlow, Chief Executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said that he is pleased that Mr Cameron understands the importance of engineering technicians to the UK’s engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors. However, continued support is necessary to bring people up to the highest level of expertise required to make the UK a market leader in this industry. The initiative has brought with it new hopes and developments for industry insiders. It is being welcomed with open arms by engineering institutes and people who aspire to be a part of this program. 

The government under Cameron leadership is 100% committed to the success of this program and has already pumped an impressive £1.5bn into the project this year alone. The apprenticeship is designed to give the new generation of engineering technicians a more structured on-the-job training that’s supported by a recognised educational qualification.

The goal of the apprenticeships is to help technicians build their skillset to a world-class standard where their abilities can be utilised to meet the ever-growing demands of the technology sector and to represent Great Britain on a global platform.


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