Automotive Engineering Show proves to be a runaway success

Published: 09 Dec 2013

The Advanced Engineering UK 2013 group of events held on 12th and 13th November at NEC Birmingham was a runaway success.

A total of 12,000 visitors came to see the exhibition this year, which was 30% higher than the previous year. Ian Stone, Managing Director of the show organisers UK Tech Events said: ‘‘This year saw the biggest turnout from all across UK’s advanced technology and engineering sectors.’’

The Automotive Engineering Show proved to be just as successful as any other show in this event. It set the stage for showcasing latest design, production technology and engineering services in the field. New advancements in specialist parts and component supplies were another big highlight that put the Automotive Engineering Show in the spotlight. This was a proud moment for UK’s multiple design, development and production teams as they represented the nation’s most progressive automotive supply chain engineering exhibition.

To have a common platform where engineering sectors can come together and share experiences is vital for the growth of this industry. Knowledge sharing and providing an insight into dealing with technical challenges is an important aspect of the business. Hence shows like UK Tech Events attract industry insiders from all across the country in big numbers.

The show organisers are positive about the results of organising such events and foresee immense opportunities arising in this high-value industry. This is the right time to develop further into this sector as the government and the engineering industry continue to drive advancements in this field.

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With the UK developing a strong global position in high-value engineering and manufacturing industries, it is imperative to speak about the advancements and breakthroughs that are being made in this sector. A platform such as the UK Tech Event is the right choice for industry bodies and supply chain communities to showcase cutting-edge automotive technology. This show gives them the option to gain more business through networking, sourcing capability and allowing best practices to be established. It’s an important ‘one stop shop’ where commercial companies and interconnected high-value engineering industries can communicate and collaborate.

This can mean significant achievements for the UK economy as it will open new international markets giving the nation’s economy a huge boost. With the right support and coverage, the UK can be a market leader. It will allow the country’s engineering industry to exhibit its unique, wide-ranging supply chain expertise and technical know-how.

Mr Stone believes that organising such shows is a great way to create awareness and to generate interest. The continuity of such events is the key to getting attention from the right institutions and dedicated sectors. He also commented that industry experts should mark these events as a ‘must-attend’ on their calendars.


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