Best Paid Oil and Gas Engineering Jobs

Published: 07 Jun 2013

The engineering industry is renowned for offering particularly impressive salaries and contract rates to its engineers, including those within the oil and gas sector. As with most industries, however, certain roles are typically associated with higher pay packets than others. This is usually based on the level of responsibility held and the demand for individuals who possess suitable skill-sets. For those who want to make it to the top of the oil and gas career ladder, there are a number of job roles to aim for.

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Here’s an overview of what some of the best paid oil and gain engineering jobs entail…

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers are perhaps the best paid of all oil and gas engineers, with salaries typically ranging from £52,000-£95,000, and contract workers able to often able to demand over £1,000 per day. Individuals working in this role tend to be responsible for engineering new methods of oil and gas extraction, and improving the efficiency of existing extraction processes. Petroleum pump operators also tend to be particularly well-paid within the oil and gas sector, due to the fact that their role requires them to work with hazardous materials.

Site Engineering Manager

On average, a site engineering manager within the oil and gas sector can expect to enjoy a salary of between £60,000-65,000, as well as an attractive company benefits package. Site managers are usually responsible for leading a team of engineers on a range of projects, giving technical support and overseeing smaller sub-teams. They need to understand the capabilities of their team members and will be held accountable for the work carried out on-site. This role holds a great deal of responsibility, but there are often opportunities to implement advanced engineering technologies and progress into more senior, office-based positions.

Process Engineer

At graduate level, process engineers can earn as much as £30,000, which can rise to around £68,000 for more senior positions, depending on location. This is a core discipline within the sector and involves the cost effective production and development of oil and gas products. From design and operations, to supply and distribution, the input of process engineers can shape every step of the engineering process.  Optimising engineering equipment and facilities is crucial to this role, as is monitoring on-site safety procedures and simulation processes.

Pipeline Engineer

Being a pipeline engineer is one of the most complex roles within the oil and gas sector, so it is perhaps unsurprising that it is also one of the best paid. Senior pipeline engineers, especially those specialising in subsea roles, can expect to earn in excess of £60,000, whilst starting salaries tend to come in at around £26,000-£30,000. Individuals working in this role may be responsible for designing, constructing and operating everything from pumping stations to storage terminals, whilst also being heavily involved in project management. Again, this is a role which often requires working in remote locations, using advance technology skills as well as engineering capabilities.


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