Career Advice for Aspiring Engineers

Published: 16 Apr 2013

Engineering jobs are in high demand and the competition is fierce. For those looking to apply for roles within the engineering industry, it is important to stand out from the crowd in order to catch the eye of top employers. With this in mind, here are a few points to bear in mind before embarking on a career as an engineer.

Rise to the Challenge

Engineers tend to be extremely motivated individuals with a passion for problem-solving. During any engineering project, you are likely to be faced with a number of challenges to overcome. You’ll need to demonstrate your ambition and commitment to potential employers, as well as your willingness to persevere and see each venture through to completion. If you’re invited to interview, then go armed with examples of past projects which you have worked on, as well as heaps of enthusiasm for your future engineering endeavours.

Show an Interest

Whether you’re studying an engineering-related course at university, or working within an apprenticeship programme, top employers will be looking for those individuals who have gone above and beyond simply achieving what is required of them. As a result, it is advisable to get involved with industry-relevant clubs and societies during your spare time, which will help to further develop your skills and knowledge, as well as demonstrating your personal interest in the engineering industry.

Build a Portfolio

Aside from having an excellent CV, engineers are often expected to put together a portfolio of the work with which they have previously been involved, either personally or professionally. This can be essential in demonstrating your dedication to a certain sector, as well as your level of technical expertise and the work processes behind your past achievements.

Become a Specialist

The engineering industry is extremely varied, so there’s sure to be an area which you find to be of particular interest to you. In order to further your career, it can be worth focusing your interests and developing a specialty, especially when applying for more specialist roles.  Look out for ways in which you may be able to develop your knowledge within the areas in which you are keen to advance – this may be something which you are able to do from the very early stages of your career, rather than something which you try to pick up further down the line.

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Possess Key Qualities

Whether you’re applying for a role which requires impressive academic qualifications or top-level technical skills, there are a number of qualities that employers will look for in every candidate. Engineers often work in teams, so you’ll need to have good communication skills and organisational abilities. In addition, most employers will want their staff to show good attention to detail, reliability and possess excellent time-management skills.

For aspiring engineers who are keen to give themselves an edge over those applying for similar roles, it is worth bearing these points in mind in order to get a foot on the engineering career ladder.


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