Engineering salaries in the UK: A role by role breakdown

Published: 26 Nov 2015


Engineering is a great career path to travel down. From the very beginning you can expect competitive salaries as a graduate, and as you progress you’ll likely enjoy a salary well above the national average of £26,500. Couple this with the fact that careers in engineering are highly rewarding and the skills required are in high demand both in the UK and abroad, and it’s plain to see that engineering is a very attractive industry to work in. However, there are many paths you can take and many different specialisms. Whether you are currently studying and unsure of what direction to take after graduation, or you are looking to take your career in a new direction, potential salary is likely to be a key consideration.

We’re able to provide some average and maximum yearly salary figures, taken from, for the following broad disciplines:

  1. Process Engineer: £33,795 average, £49,737 maximum.
  2. Project Engineer: £32,320 average, £49,231 maximum.
  3. Aerospace Engineer: £30,697 average, £48,141 maximum.
  4. Electrical Engineer: £30,668 average, £46,619 maximum.
  5. Mechanical Engineer: £29,980 average, £42,429 maximum.
  6. Structural Engineer: £29,713 average, £43,906 maximum.
  7. Manufacturing Engineer: £29,328 average, £39,462 maximum.
  8. Civil Engineer: £28,795 average, £41,942 maximum.
  9. Design Engineer: £28,617 average, £39,313 maximum.
  10. Geotechnical Engineer: £27,891 average, £39,798 maximum.

There is great variation in salaries in the engineering sector; much of this is to do with seniority, but there’s also a wide variety of highly specialised and rare skills required by specific industries, which means individual engineers can earn much more than the average amongst their peers.

According to Highflyers, the median graduate starting salary across the engineering sector in 2015 was £27,500, an increase of £1,000 over the previous year. This is above the average salary for the whole United Kingdom, and shows just how well paid a career in engineering is compared to many other industries.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, we have a wide selection of different roles available in various engineering sectors across the UK, so check out our jobs page to find your next role.

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