Get hired faster with a strong online presence

Published: 03 Oct 2013

All serious job hunters now use the internet to find new opportunities. Your online presence speaks volumes about you, so is yours up to scratch?

Are you making the best first impression online?

It’s important to remember that it’s not just about being online; it’s how you present yourself that matters. Follow our tips on how to streamline your online job hunt and get hired faster.

Professional network - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to implement a variety of online job hunting tips and tricks. Whether you use it as a digital CV or a knowledge sharing platform, you can truly use the site to further develop your professional persona.

LinkedIn is a great way of keeping track of professional connections, old classmates, current and ex-colleagues, as well as anyone you meet in your career. You never know who you might be working with in the future, so it’s important to maintain professional relationships. For example; you might find out that a job you’re applying for through an online job board is at a company that someone in your network currently works at. A personal recommendation or insider information could easily set you apart and give you a crucial advantage.

Written recommendations can also be listed on your profile, which gives potential employers an insight into how colleagues rate your professionalism. Other standout information, aside from your CV, includes any publications that you’ve been part of. For engineers, particularly those who are chartered or have passed a research degree, this would be the perfect place to list any technical documents that you have created, or even a published thesis. Not only will this provide an example of your technical knowledge, it is also a stand out example of your commitment to your craft.

Make sure to include your strengths and skills in the personal bio at the top of your profile. After your picture and job title, this will be the first thing that potential employers look at. It’s possible to further build an image for yourself by joining relevant engineering groups and regularly commenting or posting comment. Establish yourself as a thought leader, who freely shares knowledge and aims to engage in discussion.

Personal networks – Facebook, Twitter

It’s a good rule of thumb to never place anything online that you wouldn’t be happy with your parents or employer to see. Images of drunk and disorderly behaviour, for example, can immediately ruin job prospects. Keep a tight control of your privacy settings and be careful about posting opinions that may or may not be damaging to you or even your current/future employer. If you’re unsure about your content or don’t want to take any chances then lock it down to friends only.

Stylistically there are a couple of pointers to follow, such as making sure you have a professional profile picture on all of your networks. Often this will inform the first impression that people have of you. When writing short bios include the information that you think best represents you. For example, referencing that you’re a chemical engineer, PHD student and addicted to new technology on your Twitter bio immediately gives off the impression of someone dedicated to engineering and serious about finding new challenges.


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