How to Get Noticed by Top Defence Employers

Published: 17 Jun 2013

For engineers looking to work within the field of defence, getting a foot in the door with one of the industry’s top employers can set you on the path to career success. However, jobs with the most popular defence employers are usually very much in demand. With this in mind, here are just a few tips on how to get noticed by some of the top organisations within this field.

Play to your strengths

Recruitment within the defence industry remains strong, but some job roles are filled more regularly than others, based on demand. Systems engineers, for example, are relatively sought-after by defence employers. If you have the skills to design radar and satellite systems, or guidance systems for missiles, then you are likely to catch the eye of military employers. Engineers working within the defence sector may also be required to develop advanced software, as well as command and control technology, and so being in possession of the necessary skill-sets can be key in attracting the attention of top employers.

Often, these are skills which you may be able to acquire whilst studying to become an engineer. If you already know that you are keen to work within defence, then it can certainly be worth shaping your qualifications to reflect the needs of top employers. However, if you have already qualified, then you may want focus on gaining experience in other roles which will allow you to develop the skills you need to become a valuable asset to employers within this sector.

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Get security clearance

The vast majority of job roles offered by top defence employers will require security clearance. Unless you are already working within a government organisation, you are unlikely to be security cleared, but it can be easier to apply for defence roles once you have been granted clearance. In this respect, it can often be worth taking on other roles within the sector before applying for you dream job with a top employer. Having the relevant level of security clearance can certainly help to ensure that your application gets noticed, as requests for clearance can often take some time to be processed.

However, if you have a relevant skill-set, then there is certainly no harm in applying for roles which require clearance. Employers will sometimes allow defence employees to work on projects which do not require clearance until their request has been approved. Furthermore, once security clearance has been granted, engineers may find that not only are they able to bag a job with a top defence employer, but they may be qualified for roles which pay a significantly higher salary too.

Perfect your application

Lastly, if you really want get noticed by some of the biggest names in the defence industry, then you will need to ensure that your application is word-perfect. Whilst you will need to focus on giving a comprehensive overview of your skills, qualifications and experience, you should also take time to perfect your spelling and grammar if you want to ensure that your application stands out. Although such skills may not be essential for the role itself, it is well worth putting in the time and effort to get this right if you’re keen to be invited for interview.


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