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Published: 11 Jun 2015

Working at Sellafield isn’t just about building a career, but embarking on a mission. There are currently a range of opportunities for engineers to join the 10,000 men and women who have started on a 100-year project to transform the Sellafield site and leave it a safe, environmentally sound space for generations to come.

Sellafield Careers

Spread over 6 sq. kilometres on the West Cumbrian coast, with beaches on one side and the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District on the other, the complex covers an area about the size of six Wembley Stadiums. It is Europe’s largest nuclear site, and will become the UK’s largest construction site.

The first of its kind and the pioneer of UK’s nuclear industry, Sellafield began operations in the 1940s, when it was used as a Royal Ordnance factory, supporting the war effort. The site is also home to the world’s first commercial nuclear power station, Calder Hall.

A global centre for nuclear engineering management, Sellafield pioneered the harnessing of nuclear power to generate electricity for the country. Now the world is watching as international standards in high-hazard reduction are set. There’s a nuclear renaissance going on, cementing the sector as an industry for the future, and Sellafield is at the forefront, so there has never been a better time to join us in one of the world’s most complex, challenging and interesting industries.

There are currently 11 major projects either in design or construction, with more than £350 million per year invested. These operations include the decommissioning of redundant buildings associated with the site’s early defence work; spent fuel management including Magnox and oxide fuel reprocessing; and the safe management and storage of nuclear waste.

These projects are on an epic scale, with challenges that are almost always industry firsts. Hazard reduction is incredibly demanding technically, calling for vision, imagination and expertise.  As the high hazard reduction era at Sellafield moves into uncharted territory, definitive and sector-defining answers must be found to complex technical problems. The complexity of each project is unmatched anywhere else in the nuclear sector, so transforming the Sellafield site will be a triumph of ingenuity and engineering. Whether engineers are designing, delivering or supporting these projects, they’re CV-defining opportunities.

It’s also worth noting that Sellafield is home to the greatest concentration of PhDs in the UK. It’s a rare opportunity to join a very smart community and work shoulder-to-shoulder with industry-leading – sometimes world-leading – experts. There are generations and generations of knowledge and people only too willing to share it. A culture of continuous improvement is underpinned by commitment to professional and personal development few can match.

Engineering, design and functional support are also provided by employees based at the Risley office near Warrington, so engineers can choose between two great locations – breath-taking beauty or bustling city life.

There’s a lot riding on the work at Sellafield, so the very best people are needed. To join, candidates don’t necessarily need to have nuclear experience, just a pioneering personality and excitement at the prospect of working at the limits of engineering.

There are currently opportunities to provide innovative solutions in nuclear decommissioning and waste management in a range of engineering specialities, including: design, construction, commissioning, systems and maintenance engineering, as well as operations.

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