The Best Paid Engineering Jobs in 2013

Published: 09 Apr 2013

The current skills shortage within the engineering industry has meant that engineering roles can provide some of the best paid jobs for graduates. With this trend set to remain throughout 2013, starting salaries for engineering graduates are also expected to continue to rise. For those who are looking to launch their career as an engineer, it is worth considering that the following sectors can offer some of the best paid jobs in the industry. 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering has traditionally offered some of the best paid jobs throughout the industry, although this is not always reflected among graduate salaries. It is the engineering behind the rigs and refineries which is largely responsible for oil companies being about to extract their valuable product safely, whilst minimising the impact on the environment. As a result, highly-skilled and experienced engineers are very much in demand and can earn up to £95,000 per annum. Those who are happy to work offshore or overseas can also expect to enjoy extremely generous benefits and bonuses. 

Aerospace Engineering

Tax records in the UK have shown that the average salary for an aerospace engineer is around £71,555 – indicating that top level professionals in this field are likely to be earning significantly more.  These engineers are required to design, develop and maintain everything from commercial aircraft to space shuttles. There is slightly less demand for this type of engineer, yet roles within this sector tend to have plenty of prestige attached to them and it is still an area in which many aspiring engineers take an interest, meaning that competition for jobs is often high.

Nuclear Engineering

Prospective nuclear engineers should be pleased to learn that they are on course for some of the highest paid jobs in the field, second only to chemical engineers. As the UK grows more and more dependent on nuclear energy sources, as well as increasingly concerned with environmental issues, nuclear engineers are likely to benefit from being very much in demand, with graduate starting salaries of around £54,000.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering continues to offer some of the best paid jobs to both graduates and experienced professionals within the engineering industry. This is largely due to the fact that the work of electrical engineers is particularly versatile and so tends to be of use to those working within a number of other sectors. Applicants who have a Master’s degree in this field may be able to command slightly higher salaries than degree-level graduates, whilst an entry-level position may offer a starting salary of around £40,000. 


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