Why choose a career in Renewable Energy?

Published: 03 Aug 2015

Recent figures have shown that the UK is well on its way to achieving its target of 15% of energy to come from a renewable source - as set by the European Union. In an industry that’s always evolving and striving to make the world a better place, a career in this sector is highly rewarding.

Renewable Engineering

What can I expect?

Working in the renewable energy sector comes with many benefits; some of which you wouldn’t get from most other career paths. You never know where your career may take you, quite literally! As expanding renewable energy sources is a priority across the world, you may be required to travel overseas to participate in various new projects. This offers you a fantastic opportunity to add to your experience, see more of the world, and to fully appreciate the positive impact of your work on the lives of other people.

Moreover, you’ll never be bored. This fast-paced industry is influenced by rapid developments in new technology and you’ll always be learning. Depending on your role, working in renewable energy won’t necessarily require you to be on-site all of the time. There is also the opportunity to exercise your creativity within project planning, fine tuning details, and potentially becoming involved in research and development.

What attributes are important?

If you wish to begin a career in renewable energy, employers will look for degrees in engineering or STEM-related subjects. A placement year in the industry is also a bonus! Employers are keen to see your passion and drive for making the world a more sustainable place. Alternatively, you may wish to complete an apprenticeship scheme, which will give you hands-on experience of working within your chosen industry.

For employers in the renewable energy sector, interpersonal skills are just as important as professional qualifications, and you will need a diverse skillset. The ability to demonstrate leadership will help you progress up the career ladder, as higher positions will often entail a great deal of responsibility and require significant planning ability.  As well as being a creative problem solver, a successful leader needs to be able to communicate their ideas clearly and inspire others with their passion and determination. Being adaptable and able to think on your feet will also really work in your favour in this industry, and the variety of work that you undertake will rely on you demonstrating a range of skills all at once.

As the UK’s renewable engineering sector continues to expand, the need for skilled individuals also increases. If you’re interested in making a positive impact in the industry; renewable engineering could be the right career path for you.

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